Friday, February 20, 2009

Subidiarity, Dr. Thursday, and a High School Class

Dr. Thursday writes us today:
My book Subsidiarity (partially available on the web here) is being used in a high school theology class! Several have already made comments, including one which surely suggests an addition (what happens if rules are broken) and another on the use of Subsidiarity in "Spongebob" !!!

What a great joy this is! Young people will learn about WATCHER, PUMP, spot delivery and ad insertion - but more importantly, they will learn the principles of this important idea. (and with just a couple of weeks to go before its ninth anniversary (March 2)...

Finally, I wish to once again express my sincere thanks to my friends who helped make this work possible, especially the two Joes and the Control Room guys...
I tried to look up the Spongebob episode (thinking perhaps it is on Youtube) and if anyone knows how to find that episode, please let me know. Thanks.

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  1. I find that almost everyone naturally agrees with the principle of subsidiarity. Arguments about whether a function of government should be federal or state or smaller, is really a question of whether the smaller govt. can effectively exercise that function.


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