Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Note About Our Thursdays of Orthodoxy

One of our readers asks if these columns will be available in a complete form eventually for download. It is very gratifying to be asked such a thing, and also humbling. It means someone is reading them, and finds them useful and interesting. Wow.

For the present, you can get the entire collection directly, week by week, from the index, which appears just below the most recent excerpt/commentary.

We will look into making it available by other means. If you are interested, please let us know.


  1. "It means someone is reading them, and finds them useful and interesting. Wow."

    Someone from the semi-blighted industrial periphery of Rome commands you to patch all the wonderful stuff together for download!

    (and thanks you whether you do or don't... because if you don't, I'll do it myself - even if it takes a whole day of cut&paste)

    An overload of blessings on you!

  2. IoshkaFutz: Rome, wow... (Nancy, they're reading this in Roma. That's a mighty humbling thought.)

    Yes, I could put them together, but then they would be here, on my computer, which is just a "terminal" and not a "server" you could get to. Like Archimedes I require a place to stand, er, I mean, a place to put the completed work. Our esteemed bloggmistress is looking into arrangements with the ACS. We're in three different states, and neither she nor I have access to the ACS site, and at present I do not have my own site either, though I have my own bloggs, but this is the most convenient way of handling a large document, breaking it into multiple "chapters"; it's how I did my novel.

    Besides, I really ought to proofread this stuff again, before it gets out of control. Have you ever heard about how GKC wrote his ILN essays? This is not quite like that, because I have tools, but it sure seems almost as crazy!

    I am truly glad that you and Deb (and unseen others) are happy to go on this great adventure with me and GKC... May it work to your benefit.


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