Monday, February 02, 2009

I Never Cease to Be Amazed... how much Chesterton's clear thinking would help some people at the Times Literary Supplement to think.

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  1. So basically, Chesterton is exactly right in every aspect of his criticism, except where it pits his religion and philosophy against the religion/ philosophy of others? Once again, this Chesterton critic wants to have it both ways.

    All the -ites and -ists and -isms can, as Chesterton said, be safely labeled under the heading of Protestantism. All of them are a revolt against the Catholic Church, and nothing else.

    This critic says that Chesterton is right about humanity, right about the high and holy role of women, right about a great deal in fact. But his religion is precisely where he goes wrong. I wonder, though, if it wasn't Chesterton's religion that fostered in him the correct view of humanity and the proper way of looking at women... Of course it was.


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