Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Apostle of Common Sense Season Four

Things I wanna know:
1. Where are the DVD extras?
2. Is Dale wearing lipstick?
3. Where are the bloopers, outtakes and deleted scenes?
4. Where are the interviews with the stars?
5. Where is the behind the scenes "How We Made the ACS" stuff?
6. Does Dale use a teleprompter?
7. Why the risque bedroom scene with Chuck?
Yeah, yeah, the Chesterton is worth the price, and yes, Dale does a great job--but only because he has a cast of helpers like Chuck Chalberg, Kevin O'Brien, and Julian, Ashley, Catherine (LOVE those dimples!) and etc.

But I want more. When I'm done with an episode, I just sit there, wanting more. I hear season Five is even better than Four....


  1. I bet he is wearing lipstick. I do when I go on stage (Alright...I wore lipstick when I wore a skirt...ahem...kilt, and not when I wore a green and yellow foam mask-and-glasses)

  2. Dale Ahlquist2/18/2009 8:20 PM

    1. The Extras will be in the 25th anniversary edition.
    2. I am not wearing lipstick.
    3. There were no bloopers. Everything was done in one take.
    4. There are no stars. Hence, no interviews.
    5. The "behind the scenes" scenes would be fascinating shots of me sitting at my laptop. There would also be some shots of me not putting on lipstick.
    6. A telewho?
    7. They told me a bedroom scene was mandatory. We also have that scene with Belloc in bed. The public demands that sort of thing. The astute viewers would have figured out that it was the same bed. Same nightshirt, too. Maybe A.N. Wilson was watching.

  3. This astute viewer did notice the bed was the same, and the tea thingy is the same one you have on the table on your "living room" set, isn't it?

    You are *so* wearing lipstick.

  4. Hello!
    I'm from Spain and new to this page. Congratulations!
    I have one question. If I'm right, 'The Apostle of Common Sense' is a TV serie, to be seen on EWTN.
    But I've been looking through the european schedule of this station and I can't find it. Can you tell me if there is somme way for me to see it (tv, internet,...).
    Thanks for your information and for such a good work.

  5. Hi Claudio, welcome!
    I do not know, but check on if you can you can see it live on the internet when it is playing (if you have the right connection) or it may be that you can see it on a cable station. If you don't see it though, you can try to figure out the time it would be on and then watch it on the web site. You go to Media and go to Live TV and it will stream over the internet.

    Good luck!

  6. Hi!
    I've finally found it.
    It's on the Europe channel, saturdays 21.00.
    I´ll wait anxiously for it!
    Thanks again.


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