Friday, February 13, 2009

47 Minute Primer on Money: Money as Debt on YouTube

It is a five part series, this is the first one, when you are finished, it will show you two choices of videos to watch next, click on "Money as Debt 2/5" and keep going till you watch it all. It is quite fascinating, and seems accurate, but I'm not a banker or an economist. Still, there's a lot of common sense in it, so it rings true.


  1. It's a well done video and worth watching, but I think it downplays the very real risk that occurs when lending money, just look at the current mess we're in.

  2. Also, a system with a modicum of inflation is a constant incentive to spend money on things of inherent worth, which is unarguably beneficial. I think most distributists spend too much time on why the system in theory doesn't work, when I think in theory it's fine, the problem with big business and big government is that they don't work in practice. I think Chesterton realized this essential point. That their bigness turns into their enormity, thus taking away something essentially human that should guide our decision making and relationships.


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