Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thoughts on the Inaugural?

I didn't watch. Heard about her dress, his dancing, his speech (serious) and the word stumbling (not his fault) and Beyonce.

Thoughts? Impressions? Chestertonian insights?


  1. Yes. I just read this succinct analysis of the speech:

  2. I must say I was quite underwhelmed. I watched the inauguration proper and skipped on the rest of the parades and the like. I was quite intrigued to listen to his speech, there had been quite a bit of anticipation on it and his ability to lift up the people with his rhetorical prowess.This as opposed to sending them to the doldrums like he had reportedly been doing in the weeks prior to his inauguration. I have to say that I was not all that impressed, not only did he not uplift me ( not that I was looking to be uplifted), but I felt a little insulted to say the least by some of what he said. He called those who disagree with him- without any qualifications- "cynics [who] fail to understand ... that the ground has shifted beneath them" He said that "[t]heir memories [we]re short". Now this did not sound quite conciliatory (not that I expected that) as he has tried to convince us.
    Incidentally, I watched the speech on CNBC and it was interesting to see how the stock market continued to plunge to levels last seen in Nov. 08 as Mr. Obama made his speech. That's my brief summary.



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