Friday, January 23, 2009

Ladies, a Question

If you could spend some time with Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand asking her anything, what would you ask her?

In case you aren't familiar with her, here are some links.

On Feminism and Feminity
Her books


  1. Nancy,

    I had a chance to speak with her briefly when she was in town at a conference last fall. she is delightful!

    Honestly, what I should do is just sit and listen. If I were to ask a question, however, I'd have to bring along my copy of "The Privilege of Being a Woman" and ask something from my notes in that book.

  2. Lucky you, Kamilla! I know I will do a lot of listening, as well, and I'm going to read her book as soon as it arrives from so I can talk about that and any Chesterton connections.

    But if you do have notes in your book....and you want to share....write me (my address is nancy at nancy dash

  3. I saw her a year or two back when she was a guest on "SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE with Father Benedict Groeschel". I think I would be awed enough to just quietly absorb anything she wanted to talk about, regardless of subject. What struck me most was her humble attitude and gentle speech.


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