Monday, December 29, 2008

Wall Street Journal on Chesterton: A Century of 'Thursday's

The Wall Street Journal printed a fairly big article on our man GKC on Saturday, Dec. 28th, 2008. Titled: A Century of Thursdays: G.K. Chesterton dismissed his own book as 'moonshine', but it endures by Allen Barra, whom, I'm told is an American Chesterton Society member (go Allen!).

I read it yesterday when my spouse brought home a photo copy from the library, and I thought it was extremely good. After reading the latest Gilbert, I was kind of waiting for the shoe (of anti-Semite) to drop, but it never did. Yeah, Allen Barra, yeah WSJ! And yeah Randy Jones, too, who conjured up a new Chesterton caricature for the piece (check it out, it's great).

Dale Ahlquist, our intrepid leader, hopes this might pave the way for a WSJ article on our annual conference. Apparently they were there last year, interviewed a bunch of people, but then never produced an article. Oh well, things happen in the journalistic world.

Barra was good, quoted nicely and accurately, brought out some great points, linked it into the current presidency and the past election campaign, writing a nice, succinct and wide ranging (appropriately Chestertonian) article.

If you like the article, you can write to Mr. Barra, his email is listed at the end of the article. Even journalists like to hear some positive feedback every once in a while ;-)

UPDATE: I just tried emailing Mr. Barra, and it bounced, so I hope he finds this on his own.

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