Friday, December 26, 2008

The Flying Stars is Quoted!

I got my Christmas issue of Gilbert (we'll talk about this fantastic issue later) and I find myself quoted (twice!) on the internet. First, by Kathy Shaidle, at Five Feet of Fury, where she is quoting another blogger, The Other McCain: Unspeakable Truth, Mandatory Lies who read the latest Gilbert.

Both of them picked up on my opening paragraph of my latest The Flying Stars column, titled: An Author Accused:
Our current culture holds the twin paradoxical views that racial diversity is gloriously wonderful, but racial descriptions of individuals are taboo. Celebrating diversity is good; describing diversity is bad. We should acknowledge that people are of different races and be glad, but not glad enough to wonder what those races are.
Which is cool, thanks both of you!


  1. Christmas issue??? I'm still working through the "Jewish" issue!

    Of course, with the way the mail works around here, I probably won't gget my Christmas issue until the New Year.

  2. Lee: Fear Not! For the "Jewish" issue *IS* the Christmas issue.

    You see, how it relates is that 2000 years ago, a little Jewish baby was born to a couple of lovely Jewish parents in Bethlehem....

    I bet you know the rest of that.

    Sorry to confuse you. I meant "the issue that arrived just in time for Christmas" rather than a Christmas-themed issue.

  3. Traditionally, the Christmas issue of Gilbert arrives sometime in January. ;)


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