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A helpful guide to GKC's books I: Contents of the Collected Works

Herewith, an attempt at assisting the Chestertonians of the E-cosmos with a guide to the writing of G. K. Chesterton. This index shows the titles by their placement in the Collected Works - these volumes are available through the ACS, and are being published by Ignatius Press.

Note: Future installments of this guide will give GKC's works by book title and by chronological appearance.

Volume Contents Original Date
CW1Heretics 1905
Orthodoxy 1908
Blatchford Controversies 1904
CW2 St. Francis of Assisi 1923
The Everlasting Man 1925
St. Thomas Aquinas 1933
CW3 Where All Roads Lead 1922
The Catholic Church and Conversion 1926
essay: Why I Am A Catholic 1926
The Thing: Why I Am A Catholic 1929
The Well and the Shallows 1935
The Way of the Cross 1936
CW4 What's Wrong With the World 1910
The Superstition of Divorce 1920
Eugenics and Other Evils 1922
essay: Culture and the Coming Peril 1926
essay: Social Reform vs. Birth Control 1927
essay: Divorce vs. Democracy 1916
CW5 The Appetite of Tyranny1 1915
The Crimes of England 1917
essay: Lord Kitchener 1917
Utopia of Usurers and other essays 1917
The End of the Armistice2 1940
The Outline of Sanity 1926
CW6 The Napoleon of Notting Hill3 1904
The Club of Queer Trades 1905
The Man Who Was Thursday 1907
CW7 The Ball and the Cross 1909
Manalive 1912
The Flying Inn 1914
CW8 The Man Who Knew Too Much 1922
Tales of the Long Bow 1925
The Return of Don Quixote 1927
CW94 The Poet and the Lunatics 1929
Four Faultless Felons 1930
The Paradoxes of Mr. Pond 1937
CW10 Poems (part 1)
CW10b Poems (part 2)
CW11 fragment: Dialogue between Our Lord & St. Joseph 1891
play: The Wild Knight 1900
play: Time's Abstract and Brief Chronicle 1904-5
play: Magic 1913
play: The Flying Inn 1914
play: The Temptation of St. Anthony 1925
play: The Turkey and the Turk 1925
play: What You Won't 1926
play: The Judgement of Dr. Johnson 1927
play: The Surprise 1932
fragment: The Ages Are Passing undated
essay: The Great Shawkspear Mystery 1905
essay: Sorry, I'm Shaw 1905
essay: On the Alleged Pessimism of Shakespeare 1905
essay: How I Found the Superman 1908
G. B. Shaw 1909
essay: G.B.S versus G.K.C. 1911
essay: A Salute to the Last Socialist 1912
essay: The Case Against Chesterton and Replies 1916
Do We Agree? - A Debate 1928
essay: Shakespeare and Shaw 1928
essay: Bernard Shaw and Breakages 1930
essay: Bernard Shaw and America 1931
dialog: A Duel at Dusk 1923
essay: Second Thoughts on Shaw 1934
CW12The Innocence of Father Brown1911
The Wisdom of Father Brown1914
story: The Donnington Affair
CW13The Incredulity of Father Brown1926
The Secret of Father Brown1927
The Scandal of Father Brown1935
story: The Vampire of the Village
story: The Mask of Midas
CW14Various stories and fragments5
CW15Charles Dickens1906
Appreciations and Criticisms of the Works of Charles Dickens1911
The Victorian Age In Literature1913
CW194A Handful of Authors1953
Varied Types61908
A Miscellany of Men1912
CW20A Short History of England1917
Irish Impressions1919
Christendom in Dublin1932
The New Jerusalem1920
CW21What I Saw in America1922
The Resurrection of Rome1930
CW22GKC as M. C.1929
CW23The Defendant1901
All Things Considered1908
Tremendous Trifles1909
Alarms and Discursions1910
CW24The Uses of Diversity1920
Fancies vs. Fads1923
The Superstitions of the Sceptic1925
CW25Avowals and Denials1934
The Common Man1950
The Glass Walking Stick1955
CW26Lunacy and Letters1958
Where All Roads Lead1961
The Spice of Life1964

CW27Illustrated London News essays71905
Illustrated London News1906
Illustrated London News1907
CW28Illustrated London News1908
Illustrated London News1909
Illustrated London News1910
CW29Illustrated London News1911
Illustrated London News1912
Illustrated London News1913
CW30Illustrated London News1914
Illustrated London News1915
Illustrated London News1916
CW31Illustrated London News1917
Illustrated London News1918
Illustrated London News1919
CW32Illustrated London News1920
Illustrated London News1921
Illustrated London News1922
CW33Illustrated London News1923
Illustrated London News1924
Illustrated London News1925
CW34Illustrated London News1926
Illustrated London News1927
Illustrated London News1928
CW35Illustrated London News1929
Illustrated London News1930
Illustrated London News1931
CW36?4Illustrated London News1932
Illustrated London News1933
Illustrated London News1934
CW37?4Illustrated London News1935
Illustrated London News1936

1. The Appetite of Tyranny in CW4 contains The Barbarism of Berlin (1914) and Letters to an Old Garibaldian (1915).
2. The End of the Armistice in CW4 was compiled from GKC's writing by F. J. Sheed.
3. The Napoleon of Notting Hill in CW6 contains GKC's own illustrations.
4. CW volumes 9, 19, 22-26 and the last two ILN essay collections (presumably 36 and 37) are not yet in print. No volumes have been allocated for the collections of Daily News, New Witness, and GK's Weekly, or of the numerous other essays which are still coming to light.
5. It should be noted that CW14 does not contain the book called The Coloured Lands, though it does contain the story of that name; there a few other items which appear in both, and some which appear elsewhere in CW. CW14 is in some ways the best, as well as the largest of the CW, and due to its size and rather haphazard collection, will be treated separately.
6. Twelve Types (1902) was reprinted as Varied Types (1903) with the addition of 8 more types (authors) including Five Types (1910) and The Simplicity of Tolstoy (1912)
7. The volumes of GKC's essays collected in CW as The Illustrated London News (abbreviated as ILN) were his weekly essays appearing in that paper under the title "Our Note-Book". Additional detail on these will appear in a future installment of our guide.

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