Tuesday, October 07, 2008

St. Louis Chesterton's to Celebrate Lepanto in Style this Saturday

We will gather Saturday the 11th at Llywelyn's Pub in Webster Groves, they are located at 17 Moody and their phone # is 314-962-1515.
No commitment is necessary as everybody can purchase their own food and drink. Let's plan on gathering between 4:30 & 5 PM. The "agenda" will be open but a reading of Chesterton's Lepanto will definitely be done by someone or a series of people taking a stanza in turn. Those that have knowledge of the battle &/or the poem will be given the "floor" to share their information.
If you are able to commit to being there, let me know; it could be useful to the people at Llwelyn's in arranging a space conducive to our event.
Thanks for your patience and I hope to see a lot of people; bring friends and family to share this social event in honor of GKC & the events of long ago that echo down the years to us today.
Man, I was just there last weekend. You guys shoulda had it then. Have a great time, St. Louisians!


  1. And if you need to see the poem quickly, you can find it here.

    The annotated version, with commentary and background essays, is available from the ACS.

    --Dr. Thursday

  2. Ach! Only four hours away... but that's still about three hours too much.

    Have a brew for me!


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