Wednesday, October 15, 2008

GKC on the election

I'm quite certain Chesterton would have something interesting to say about this election. Whether it be the historic changes about to occur (either a person with some African heritage becoming president or a woman becoming vice-president), or because either one of them should be begging to be removed from the ticket in fear of all the mess they have to clean up once elected.

However, I'm also certain that the conversations at the local pubs and in our own kitchens are far more interesting to us and to Chesterton than the stuff going on on tv, which is yawningly boring.

Another debate tonight. Ho-hum. Will they talk about real issues? Will they actually answer the questions posed? Will they give up the sound bites and actually think about their answers? One can always hope.

But I'm sure the Thursday morning quarterbacking that we'll hear in at our breakfast table tomorrow morning will be more interesting than tonight's televised and well-rehearsed propaganda.

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  1. McCain gave at least one concrete suggestion about something (I didn't actually hear the question), if that appeases anybody's appetite for actually answering the questions. It's called vouchers. Now if he had suggested that we get rid of public schools altogether...that would be interesting.


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