Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"The only object of liberty is life."

I spent some enjoyable minutes yesterday looking at the new Gilbert magazine, and finding wonderful pieces of writing and funny stuff here and there.

The article I enjoyed the most was the interview with Ann Petta, because I've wanted to interview her myself, I was so interested in finding out more about her and her connection to Chesterton.

I remember talking to Ann a few years ago when we first met, asking her what first drew her to Chesterton, and she said, "I liked him first as a person" and I could completely understand that, feeling that way myself.

So I thoroughly enjoyed the interview, and the remembrances of Frank.

Then I read the column The Flying Stars, and once again prayed a prayer of thanksgiving for my editors.

Read Editor-in-Chief Sean Dailey's reasons for a late issue and more.

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  1. Were you wondering where that great GKC quote was from? I was too. Just a moment... Ah. It's from Irish Impressions CW20:186. Just a little bit later comes this: "All the most dramatic things happen at home, from being born to being dead. What a man thinks about these things is his life; and to substitute for them a bustle of electioneering and legislation is to wander about among screens and pulleys on the wrong side of pasteboard scenery; and never to act the play. And that play is always a miracle play; and the name of its hero is Everyman."

    --Dr. Thursday

    PS This makes me think of a story about a HOME where the hero's name is Greek for "nobody"... Hee hee.


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