Monday, September 29, 2008

If you want to start a huge controversy...

...just tell your homeschool group you think maybe your group shouldn't discuss politics.

Then sit back and watch the fireworks.

I know I worded it wrongly, because I didn't really mean let's not discuss politics, I really meant, let's not tell people they have to to vote for Mr. X, or they risk going to hell.

It's kind of like a church. If they want to maintain their tax-free status, churches can't make political endorsements. But they can tell people what the important issues are, and hope they are intelligent enough to use the minds God gave them and come to the right conclusion.

A homeschool group, even a Catholic homeschool group, which you would think would be as homogeneous as you can get, is actually quite a diverse group. Kind of like a family is diverse, despite the fact that the people all hang out under one roof.

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  1. When my wife and I joined our local Catholic homeschooling group I figured we would be getting a mostly conservative, very orthodox reluctantly Republican voting block. In reality I find the REASONS people homeschool are so varied that a homeschooling group quite frequently looks more like your average Catholic parish than anyone NOT in the group would expect. When you have people who are homeschooling because their kids witnessed horrible crimes in a public/Catholic school you are getting your average American Catholic. In fact the increasing numbers of homeschoolers, I find, are coming in for reasons not necessarily related to religion at all.

    Its better to head in realizing that your peers are every bit as imperfect as you are. Your expectations of a perfect utopia WILL be dashed.


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