Friday, September 05, 2008

Complete Searchable Chesterton?

H/T: Ellen

It looks like there may be a searchable Chesterton database available. Has anyone ordered this or is anyone familiar with it?

Among many other things, it claims to have the "complete" works (112 books) of Chesterton on it, searchable by keyword, etc.

It looks like a terrific product.


  1. It says:

    John Henry Newman & G.K. Chesterton
    Complete writings of these two literary greats.

    But I wonder...Have all his works been even transcribed yet? And they're still finding new GKC works all the time, how "compelte" is it. (the advert isn't clear at all)

    It may be a great product, and perhaps "comprehensive", but I doubt "complete".

    Any news on the "Amber Chesterton" project?

  2. You are so right, the collection is certainly not complete of Chesterton's work. After all, besides all the books he wrote, think of all the ILN and Daily News and GK's Weekly articles still not collected.

    Amber is at a stalemate, due to lack of funding.

    However, the HUGE advantage of AMBER and the reason why we should all contribute towards it is that besides being searchable, which both these collections are, AMBER will also give you the precise book, chapter, and page number of the original text (which this linked product cannot do). So for researchers, AMBER is going to be invaluable.

    So, any extra money you have after filling up the gas tank, throw our way please!

  3. When I first learned about the ACS a few years ago there was talk about AMBER, and it sounded exciting. I never saw an explicit description, but just an occasional aside. It still gets mentioned now and again, usually with a plea for money. I'm sure it will be great when it is finished, but right now I'm tired of hearing about the project. If it had been approached as something that could be used in an incomplete state and by many interested parties, such as a web based search tool, then I'd still be interested and you would probably have a better general response when asking for money to fund it. But since it is a neverending project aimed at "researchers" I'm having a hard time maintaining enthusiasm.

  4. But have you seen the new FAITH DATABASE? 1500 writings, 10 Bible translations? It's a Chesterton fan's dream! And it's only $39 bucks.

    I bought one - - check it out!

  5. Anon:
    By clicking on the link, see that this is one and the same thing, Faith Database.

    You have one? Tell us all about it!

  6. Joe,
    I'm sorry you feel that way, but I understand your frustration.

    Much of what happens here at the Chesterton Society happens on a wing and a prayer. Most of what happens is volunteer work.

    AMBER has taken years of time and hard work, but we need something, and we don't even know what that is, to make it happen. And since I wasn't working on it, I also don't know exactly what it needs to work.

    If you are really interested, please contact Dale (info at chesterton dot org) and ask him more about it and what it would take to get it done. Thanks.

  7. Just a note about the Faith Database. I purchased it and it is pretty good but it does not have the complete works of Chesterton. The 112 items include poems and articles so it hardly makes a dent in the Chesterton opus. It is, however, very useful in comparing Bible translations, canon law, saints, Catholic encycopaedia and is a very good catechetical resource.


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