Friday, August 01, 2008

New Photos of the Statue in Louisiana

Milwaukee Sculptor David Wanner is working on a statue that will stand in Chesterton Square in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. The statue was commissioned by Dr. Bob Benson, who is developing Chesterton Square.

Mr. Wanner writes:
Herewith are some photos of the modeling, full size, in its nearly final form. I want to change slightly the shape of his glasses, and add the ribbon. Some minor changes in the face and head are another bit of work yet to do. I used eighteen photos of him, and this is an amalgam. No doubt everyone has his/her favorite.

As for the base, the bronze casting will be about 6 ½’ tall; the dimensions of the base are of great importance because the statue itself and the base form a single mass. A too narrow base would not achieve the effect intended. The modeling was done on a base 38” high, and 42” square in plan (42” wide and 42” deep).


  1. That's so awesome!

  2. Ha! I can drive to Ponchatoula in about half an hour. Looks like our homeschooling group will be having a field trip soon. :)

  3. Does anyone know if there is an actual connection between Chesterton and Ponchatoula? If not, then does anyone know exactly who chose to erect a statue and for what purpose?

  4. Here is an article if you care to read about it. Basically, a dermatologist with an aim at cultural development who is a fan of Chesterton has named a little cultural center there after GKC, and wanted a statue.

  5. Ponchatoula has a history of honoring those who stand for values and Chesterton fits that bill. It's an amazing place that I have been lucky enough to make my home in the last few years. Look below the surface, it is an extraordinary place.


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