Saturday, August 16, 2008

More on Heckmondwike

From the same Leeds blog:
I have just found my copy of the original facsimile of G.K.Chesterton's observations of Heckmondwike in the form of a poem, probably penned on the train on his way to visit his friend Mgr. John O'Connor, who was under Fr. Hinsley in the early days of Bradford's St. Bede's Grammar School. As mentioned before Heckmondwike will be the subject of a future posting. Mgr. O'Connor was responsible for the building of the "Round church" of the First Martyrs in Heights Lane, Bradford. Fr. O'Connor was Chesterton's inspiration for the Father Brown stories.
Chesterton's poem about Heckmondwike will appear later today.
--written August 8th--after which it has not yet appeared.

We shall await the LMS blog on this. And it appears, Nick, as if you are right about the poem and a connection with Father (Brown) O'Connor.

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