Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How to Get Into Debt

From the book cover:
Debt - we all long for it, but sometimes it seems so unattainable. With the proper mindset and the step-by-step tools contained in this book, you'll be fighting off collection agencies and delaying payments to your bankruptcy attorney in no time. Whether your weakness is over-earning or under-spending, you'll learn to maximize the gap between your income and your outflow, all at the highest possible interest rates.
The so-called "Self-Hurt" series, a spoof on America's love for self-help, is a funny and instructive series to help to improve your life by doing, well, the opposite really, of what the book says.

So, for example, when the book says to overspend, use those credit card checks, shop at Whole Foods, and never pay the balance on the credit card statement, you know what to really do.

A humorous and Chestertonian take on our nation's #1 problem: being unable to save money.


  1. That's so great.

  2. Cool. I'll have to add it to the Thrifty Homeschooler reading list! Thanks Nancy.

  3. I'll tell you how to go into debt, yet make it all worthwhile. Ignatius Press is having a blowout sale, and it includes GKC's Collected Works Vols 29-34 for $5.00 each!!! I just ordered 'em five minutes ago. (woo-hoo!)

    (hat-tip to the Chesterton & Friends blog)


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