Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Did you know that Dr. Thusday's been blogging again?

Our very own Dr. Thursday, who has his own blog, but who had been on hiatus for a time, is back (due to an employment situation which you can pray about if you are so inclined, thank you).

Check out his blog and leave him a comment or two.


  1. Hola!
    me siento como el Piloto de Ortodoxia, como el propio Chesterton... que creía ir solo... mientras que con el iba todo un pueblo. qué alegría encontrar hombres vivos!
    un saludo y un abrazo desde Chile,
    Valeska Cabañas

  2. ¡Que bueno! Bienvenidos a usted, y todos amigos Chestertones de Chile!

    Hace muchos años que estudié Español, solamente unas pocas palabras quedan en mi cabeza.

    Usted encontrará un "botón" para traducir, a la izquierda.

    Adios amigo - usted no es solo, porque iremos con el tio Gilbert seguir el Hombre Eterna!

    su amigo del Norte,
    Señor Doctor Jueves.

  3. For us unilinguals:
    First message roughly in English:

    Hello! I feel like the Pilot of Orthodoxy, like the own Chesterton… that believed to only go… whereas with a town went everything. what joy to find men alive! a greeting and a hug from Chile, Valeska Cabanas

    Second message from our amazing Dr. Thursday:
    That's good! Welcomes to you, and all Chestertonian friends of Chile! For many years that I studied Spanish, only a few words have been being in my head. You will find a button in order to translate, to the left. Goodbye friend - you are not only, because we will go with the uncle Gilbert to follow the Man Eternal! Paradoxically, your friend of the North, Mr. Doctor Thursday.


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