Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cause a Stir: Need a New Sweatshirt this Autumn?

The American Chesterton Society needs your help. We need donations.

Right in the middle of a huge new interest in Chesterton, we are low on funds.

Please donate today, or buy some books, or buy a sweatshirt, you'll cause a stir.


  1. I placed a small order today, but plan on ordering conference tapes later. I will check to see when my subscription runs out, but I think I've got at least a year left...

  2. WOW! My order came double time fast! I can now enjoy my tea in a Gilbert mug again (the first one got broken!) and enjoy listening to Orson Well's rendition of The Man Who Was Thursday (my current in car listening!). Tomorrow I'll wear the t-shirt to the fair and try to drum up some publicity!

  3. We did have a lot of first timers in the West did we not? How much are the sweatshirts?

  4. Hi Barb,
    Not sure how you found this year old post! The sweatshirts are on the web site. We did have t shirts at the conference in Seattle but they sold out. We're thinking about getting more but don't have them yet.


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