Monday, June 09, 2008

Blog Administration

It has been noted that our stat counter (over on the left and down a bit) is approaching 100,000 hits. We shall celebrate with style.

Blogger has allowed one to prep ahead posts (for example, when your blogmistress is out of town and might not be allowed on the internet by various and sundry thrifty-minded hotels) and keep them as drafts. However, one must then somehow get on the internet to release these "drafts" from prison and post them.

Then, recently, Blogger began a new service called "Scheduled" posts, where one could create a draft and then say when the post should be posted, and Blogger would "hold" these scheduled posts until the correct time, when they would be automatically posted.

Blogger seems to have lost this ability (perhaps temporarily) and so I noticed that posts I had "scheduled" appeared as "published" as if in the future.

So, I hope this explains the problem to anyone who wondered about it.

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