Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Christianity!

...the Lateran Church is full of interesting objects; but of different
sorts that interest different people. I need not describe the only too
tempestuous statuary that stands all down the middle; in the last, and
possibly the worst, but at least the most boisterous stage of the
Baroque. The general impression is that the Twelve Apostles always
preferred to stand in a draught, but that they inhabited a curious
country where the wind blew in all the opposite ways at once. Perhaps
some such licence might be allowed to the supernatural wind of
Pentecost, which was truly a wind of liberty in the sense of a wind of
isolating individualism; bringing different gifts to different people; a
good wind that blew nobody harm. But the actual effect on the senses, in
this cold marble corridor, is merely that the bewildered Christians have
got into a heathen temple of the winds. All this sort of criticism is
trite, but it is true.
The Resurrection of Rome CW21:340-1

(remember that the parallel is in the very first paragraph of
Manalive - so suggestive.

or perhaps this you might like better...

[with the coming of the fourth man to follow St. Francis] an invisible
line was crossed; for it must have been felt by this time that the
growth of that small group had become potentially infinite, or at least
that its outline had become permanently indefinite. It may have been in
the time of that transition that Francis had another of his dreams full
of voices; but now the voices were a clamour of the tongues of all
nations, Frenchmen and Italians and English and Spanish and Germans,
telling of the glory of God each in his own tongue; a new Pentecost and
a happier Babel.
St. Francis of Assisi CW2:91

Happy Birthday to Christianity!

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