Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Cassette's Sing Chesterton

From Stephen, either the leader of the band, or just a band member:
I play in a secular band called the Cassettes from the Washington, DC area. If you watch the video for the song "Rogue Gnome" to the end, you'll hear a rather familiar paraphrasing of a quote from one of our favorite authors [Chesterton].
Made up of myself, a Catholic, a Muslim, a lapsed-Romanian Orthodox/Non-denom Protestant, and a "secular" Jew, The Cassettes don't have any particular religious stance, but I should say that we are fighting, in our small way, towards what I would suggest is something close to Distributist ideals. We try to work and play with local and small-minded (in the Schumacher sense) folks as much as possible, including playing on street corners for passers-by when the mood strikes us.
Check here for more of The Cassette's music videos.


  1. just read the chapter of "orhodoxy" entitled "the suicide of thought" and had trouble with comprehension. can anyone give me a synopsis of what they got out of the chapter..thanks jpm

  2. in a nutshell, i surmise the message to be that man has allowed his free thought to be all too uncontrollable and encompassing resulting in the loss of the real search for the truth...i.e. anything goes, thus everything of merit is lost..this is my take on the chapter of "the suicide of thought" of the book "othodoxy"..i would like to hear the thoughts of anyone else on this chapter..thanks jpm

  3. Anon:
    There will be a whole talk on just this chapter at the conference in June. Are you thinking of coming? If you can't, you can always get the tape (or CD) of it afterwards, and see what the speaker has to say about it.

    I hope that helps.

  4. nancy thanks..yes i am thinking about it..the only reason i post anonymous is that i don't know how to put my name...will there be an agenda posted prior to the conference so i can read the material which will be expounded on..thanks,,jp morella

  5. I'm sure the agenda will be posted soon on the ACS site, but it was printed on the back of the latest Gilbert magazine, too, if you saw that. I'll let you know when they post it on the ACS and put up a link on the blog here.

    You can put in your name if you sign up for a Blogger account (free) and that way you can become a name to us, JP Morella! Thanks for being here.


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