Friday, February 01, 2008

Timothy Jones' Blog: Old World Swine

Mentioned in the Tremendous Trifles column of the latest Gilbert magazine, (although the address didn't work for me, here it the right one), Mr. Jones has a new blog. Mrs. Jones and I (Mrs. Brown) should get together some time and talk about our maiden names. ;-)


  1. Why? What are your maiden names?

    And did I get the url wrong? Drat! Tim, if you see this I apologize.

  2. I only meant that I'm pretty sure our maiden names are both more interesting than Jones or Brown. Mine for example, is Carpentier, a far more exotic, alluring and French sounding name than Brown. I'm sure Mrs. Jones has a similar story.

  3. LOL, probably. I wonder whether Mrs. Dailey misses her maiden name?

  4. I haven't dropped by here in a couple of weeks, though I have meant to. I now have it bookmarked.

    I did note with a smile that my new blog was mentioned in what was my first ever Gilbert magazine (I got a subscription for Christmas). That was cool, as I wasn't expecting it.

    Many thanks.

    Mrs. Jones' maiden name was Bowers, and old British name that has something to do with bending wood for barrels (or so the tale goes).

    Jones is also English (perhaps after the old Germanic "Johannes"). It is a name neither exotic nor alluring, I'll admit, but I like to think of it as homey and solid, like good bread.


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