Friday, February 08, 2008


What does it mean? Will you give up something? Add something to your spiritual routine? How will we prepare for Easter?

On Ash Wednesday, I was paradoxically at a Disney park in Florida. It was an odd day for fasting and abstinence (from meat). Standing in line for a park ride, we observed several people with ashy crosses on their foreheads, and felt a certain sense of communion with them. As we fasted, we noticed that there was food offered everywhere, to satisfy every whim.

But we also noticed that even in a place like that, one truly could fast. And think about fasting, in a different way than in a living room or office devoid of temptations.

As we choose something this lent, let's try to choose something other than what would be healthy for us anyway (no desserts or seconds, giving up chocolate) and think about what we can do that would be a true sacrifice. Many bloggers give up blogging. Sometimes that's about making room for other things, sometimes its about breaking an addiction, sometimes its about taking a breather from it. Maybe it is a true sacrifice for some people.

A true sacrifice. What is that? Let's contemplate that as the Lenten season begins.

And if you haven't read this yes, I do recommend it.

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  1. As for me, my Lenten fast is to work very hard on taming my tongue. Less complaining, less grumbling, less critical a spirit. I did give up blogging one year, but as for a 'better' fast for me, it's one that is worse than blogging or grumbling about things/people. Being quicker to 'silence' my tongue, when it wants to 'lash out' ... this is a LONG and HARD fast. Lord Jesus, Momma Mary, help me.


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