Friday, February 29, 2008

The Chesterton Academy Advisory Council

Just Announced: Members of the Chesterton Academy advisory council.


  1. Browsed through their website, it seems they will be teaching courses, their Biology course, and especially the section "Genetics and evolution" caught my eye. Any details about what the Academy will be teaching about evolution? Will they be teaching the standard secular public school straw or a new and improved Chestertonian version of evolution?

  2. Evolution is a theory. That's all it is. Unfortunately, this theory has gained great traction among those in the scientific and academic communities to the point of having all the trappings of an accepted "dogma." Like Chesterton himself, Chesterton Academy starts from the position of honesty and humility. We will examine the evidence, look at the argument, and come to a conclusion. We will not admit what is not there, nor will dogmatically assert conclusions that are not properly backed up by evidence.

    I can assure you that the conclusions we reach will be the same common sense expounded by Chesterton, Pius XII in _Humani Generis_ , and reaffirmed recently by John Paul II in his Address to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, October 22, 1996. Evolution as proposed by Darwin and others is a theory; it has not been proved. Aspects of the theory may explain a development of certain characteristics of physical bodies. However, the theory is lacking in its explanation of the spiritual principle in man--the soul.

    At Chesterton Academy, our posture is that truth cannot contradict truth. We are not afraid to study theories such as evolution. Always studying, testing, and discerning with a critical eye, our students will be able to philosophically and common sensically discuss these issues.

    Truth cannot contradict truth. We need not fear science or the various theories put forth by scientists. Our students will know the distinction between truth and hypothesis.

    I apologize for the quickness of this response. I hope that this is a brief, but satisfying answer to the question.


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