Thursday, January 24, 2008

That Trip to California...

Gilbert magazine reported a story written by and about Dale Ahlquist, or someone with that name anyway, who reportedly went to California and tasted a lot of wine. In between the wine imbibing, there were some alleged talks about G.K. Chesterton. Sources cannot confirm nor deny that such talks took place.

I dunno. I think someone went to California and took in a lot of wine, I'm just not sure who. Or is that whom?

And Thomas Aquinas doesn't teach Chesterton? Well duh! Aquinas lived WAAAAY before Chesterton. Who wrote that story?????


  1. I take it that your issue finally arrived. :-)

  2. You take it right, Mister. ;-) It's been interrupting all meal making for the past two days (I try to read while I make supper...)

  3. If you fold it over and hold it really tight, it makes a nice spatula.

  4. Or flyswatter.

    I'd hate to get Gilbert mixed in with my veggies.

  5. Because it is so very very very vegetarian.


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