Monday, January 21, 2008

Do you need a free copy of The Man Who Was Thursday?

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  1. I read somewhere GKC was going to do two sequels:

    "The Woman Who Was Half-past Eight"


    "The Cow Who Was Tomorrow Evening"

    Anybody know about these?

  2. 'The title attracted some attention at the time, and there were many journalistic jokes about it. Some, referring to my supposed festive views, affected to mistake it for 'The Man Who Was Thirsty' ... Others again, with more penetration, treated it as a mere title out of topsy-turvydom, as if it had been 'The Woman Who Was Half-Past Eight' or 'The Cow Who Was Tomorrow Evening.''

    -- from G.K.C.'s Autobiography

  3. One of the characters in Neil Gaiman's fantasy series 'The Sandman' is a librarian named Lucien. The books in his library are books that their authors dreamed but never wrote. Among them is 'The Girl Who Was October,' by G. K. Chesterton.


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