Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I wore my Chesterton University sweatshirt until it wore out. Almost every time I wore it, someone would stop me on the street, kind of pause and stare, and then say,
"Um, where is that? Because I'm from Chesterton [Indiana] and I didn't think there was a University there..."
I would reassure them it was about G. K. Chesterton and that it was sort of a joke about his writing being so universal and thorough, you could get a University degree just by reading him, etc.

But now, there is a new sweatshirt. A sweatshirt with Chesterton's name on it and a school's name, and the place is real. And by wearing this sweatshirt, you can really support the new school, and advertise for it to as you travel around the country.

It's only $32, and the proceeds go to help start up the school, a worthy cause. Buy one today and keep the winter chill away.

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