Friday, January 04, 2008

Chesterton Getting a Lot of Press Today

Mike Huckabee quoted G.K. Chesterton last night in his victory speech, and so everyone today is talking about Chesterton. They may even be wandering over here to see what we think of it.

We think it is great that Chesterton is quoted and even better if the quote is understood, and even better if it leads to people reading more than just one quote of Chesterton's.

So, if you're here because of Mr. Huckabee, welcome! Sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and peruse the site. Take a look at our mother-site, the American Chesterton Society, and especially the quotes and extras. Buy a book, tape or make a donation. Thanks!

UPDATE: Well, I heard from reliable sources that my source wasn't reliable, so I'm glad to know that wasn't how he really sounded last night.


  1. Nancy, no, there were no profanities, though I think any cursing was done by those uncomfortable with the fact that conservatives and/or Christians are actually still walking around in 2008. The Wonkette website had, um, rewritten the speech to hear what they wanted to hear or what they suspect is just under the surface of every conservative Christian. Oddly enough, it doesn't seem that one has to dig to understand what they are saying, which is profanity-laced fanaticism that's open minded about everything they agree with. Scratch the tolerant and you'll often find tyrants.

    The writer at Wonkette said that conservative a*****es always quote Chesterton. Huh. I had no idea Chesterton was so narrow, I thought he was quite wide.

  2. Indeed, one of the very few times that Chesterton lost his temper in print was to rebut the charge that he was a conservative. I mean, he was seething.


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