Monday, December 31, 2007

Update on Sean

Sean thanks you for your prayers for him. Please continue. He is recovering well from an infection, then will be sent home on medication for a few weeks and return for surgery. Keep praying! Thanks.


  1. O Holy Child Jesus, lord of life and death, I bow before You, unworthy and miserable sinner that I am, to implore You to cure Sean Dailey who is so dear to my heart.

    He is in great suffering, wracked with pain, and can find no relief except in You, in whom he puts his hope. Relieve him in his agony, o heavenly Doctor, free him from his suffering and give him perfect health, if that be Your divine will and for the good of his soul. Amen

    "Our Father...",

    "Hail Mary..."

    "Glory Be to the Father..."

  2. Thank you very much, Anna B., for all your prayers. :-)


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