Monday, December 17, 2007

This week in Chestertonian excitement

I have a date for Friday night.

It's in front of my computer.

The date is with my daughter.

We're planning on watching Chesterton's play "The Surprise" on EWTN.

It's on at 9pm CST.

I hope you will make a date for Friday night, too!

You can watch it Thursday, but in Central time, it's on at 4am. I don't plan to be up. ;-)


  1. Is this any of the same cast as performed it at ChesterCon 2006?

    Any way to get it on DVD or something?

    Thanks for the announcement!

  2. Most of the cast is the same, although there is a new guard: Mark Shea!

    So far, I have not heard of it coming out on DVD, but I do hope they will because I would be buying it.

  3. There's a re-broadcast Monday, December 24 at noon (central)


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