Friday, December 14, 2007

My Gilbert arrived!

I have to admit, I haven't had an afternoon free yet to just sit down and read right through it.

I really like the cover. As you can see, it is the marvelous image of Gilbert gazing up at a star, perhaps he is meditating on the Star of Bethlehem. Anyway, because it's Christmas time, that's what I imagine. And swirling around the star, or emanating from it, are all these papers and letters, as if inspiration is coming to him just from gazing at the star.

The other way I see it is the letters and papers coming from Gilbert's head, going up to the star. Almost as if he is giving his writing to the Christ Child, and standing there free and child-like, emptying himself and offering everything to God, letting it all go.

I like that image because, as a writer too, I often get caught up in things that need doing, words that need writing, and forget To Whom I am Offering Everything. And sometimes, I am so busy staring at the papers (or the computer screen) that I forget to look up and see the Star.

This Christmas, my hope is that we will each take a little time to stare at the stars, and open our hearts to the coming of Christ. Let Him into your heart this Christmas, to be the Word, the strength, the whatever-it-is-you-need, to be the Love that you love with, the Faith that you believe with, the Hope that you hope in.

Only a few days remain, have a Blessed Advent.

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