Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Message to the ACS from EWTN re: The Surprise

Hello to all at the American Chesterton Society!

I work at EWTN and was counting the days until we aired “The Surprise!” My whole family watched the movie on Friday night, then again on Christmas Eve. (We switched the TV on to let my five year old brother see some Christmas programming, but he said “No! I want to see ‘The Surprise’ again;” wouldn’t G.K. be proud?) Chesterton is such an amazing author, the dialogue was so wonderful and thought provoking- I’m sure I will catch something new every time I see it! The play was brought to life by such wonderful acting talent as well! A standing ovation to Kevin O’Brien, Miss. Ahlquist and “the author” especially- though everyone’s performance deserves a big round of applause! How appropriate for Christmas too, with the amazing line “What have you done with my play- I’m coming down!” It truly brought the message of the Incarnation to my mind, and helped me realize that God came down to this earth to save us.

I want to thank everyone for the hard work they did to bring this story to life! We all had a wonderful surprise this Christmas in “The Surprise!”

Many Blessings,

Emily Lunsford
EWTN Media Missionaries Support Assistant
UPDATE: Just to clarify, Emily wrote on behalf of herself and her family. She happens to work at EWTN. ;-)

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