Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"The Surprise" on EWTN update

I had to find this out on Mark Shea's blog. These Chesterton people never tell me anything. ;-)
I just heard from Steve Beaumont. Our premiere is--are you ready?--Thursday, December 20, at FIVE A.M. (Eastern Time, so Mark can watch it at 2 AM). Maybe we can call that the preview.

The real premiere is on Friday, Dec. 21 at 10 PM (ET), 9 PM (CT), 7 PM (PT).

And then, when nobody is doing anything on Dec. 24, they can watch it at 1 PM (ET), Noon (CT), 10 AM (PT).

I imagine it will be repeated in January as well.


  1. Well, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Geeks (self included) stay up all night for the movie release of the latest flick, why not for Chesterton?

    Start the Party Planning Now!

  2. Oh good... I was wondering when this play would come out. I knew it was taped by EWTN, just wasn't sure when it would make it's debut. Good news indeed...

    Thanks for the update!


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