Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Great Scot! Gilbert's on Time!

Perhaps the world will stop spinning. Perhaps it is un-Chestertonian. But we have great news! And a cover to unveil.

If this isn't the most gorgeous cover you've ever seen on a Gilbert magazine, I'll eat my blog. ;-)
For the first time in my [Sean Dailey's] four+ years as editor, we made deadline. The December issue was sent to press yesterday, meaning the issue will be mailed to subscribers before the end of November. Readers will get their December issue in December, rather than in Lent, ;-).
This issue contains some Harry Potter discussions. There is also a very special treat: a 13-page spread consisting of an illustrated version of Chesterton's poem "The Wise Men." (Illustrated by Beatrice Wilczynski, [scroll down]who died in 1984).
A second very special treat is a color cover by Ben Hatke. Finally, there is a write-up of the Rochester Chesterton Conference, on Chesterton and Conversion.--from Sean Dailey, Editor-in-Chief, Gilbert


  1. This is great news, but I think I may faint!

  2. I must say, the art direction for Gilbert magazine is exquisite.

    Every issue, the cover, the work on the many pages is magnificent. You have to collect them not only for the material, but the artwork!

  3. Here on the West Coast of the US, I just received mine today. A mere 20 days after you announced it here.

    Now I'll have to go back to all the comments you've posted in the weeks since then where you said "did you read this?" and "Did you see this"?

    Do you get an advanced copy or something?

  4. Mark: You GOT YOURS!!!--GREAT SCOT! you aren't 20 days late, you are the FIRST I've heard of!

    I was merely letting you know with this post that it was mailed on time. I didn't actually have mine yet. I still don't! YOU ROCK! (The Gilbert people don't send me advanced anything ;-( )


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