Friday, November 16, 2007

Anniversary Celebrations

I just noticed, while visiting the American Chesterton Society Web Site, that the web site itself is about to celebrate it's 10th anniversary! With the Stat Counter currently at over 600,000, that's a lot of people finding out about Gilbert Chesterton in the last ten years. Congratulations, ACS!

Gilbert magazine just celebrated it's 10th anniversary, too.

And, on December 8th, this blog will be 2 whole years old! Our Stat Counter indicates... that it is no longer a stat counter :-( God only knows how many hundreds of thousands of visitors we've had in the last two years!!!!!

Right now, we're thinking of some games we could play on our anniversary. Or contests we could run. Triolets? Clerihews? Gype? Mystery Word Searches? Memes? What will we come up with? Stay tuned and you will find out.

And in our effort to provide you with an obscure Chestertonian quote, I give you this (found by searching on the word "anniversary"):
But it would never occur to the Prussians not to ride their high horses with the freshest insolence for the far-off victory of Sedan; though on that very anniversary the star of their fate had turned scornful in the sky, and Von Kluck was in retreat from Paris.--The Appetite of Tyranny, 1915, CW5

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