Saturday, October 27, 2007

October--Month of Mary and the Rosary

The Catholic Church is always celebrating something, either a saint's day, a feast day, a birthday, a martyrdom; and there are months dedicated to certain celebrations, as well. October has traditionally been one of "Mary's months" (the other being May, when May crownings occur) due in part to the events that occured in 1571 on October 7th at Lepanto.

So it is only fitting that a shop dedicated to Mary and the rosary should become interested in the American Chesterton Society's book entitled, Lepanto.

So, go check it out. Go to the Rosary Center and then to the click on "Books" and you'll see it there with a bright shiny yellow "New" notice.

A fellow Chestertonian sent this to me, and it is one of his many ways he quietly and anonymously helps the Chesterton society. Maybe you have a book store near you? Maybe you know the owner? Maybe you could see if they would like to carry the Chesterton society's books? Maybe you already do? Thank you. Every little bit helps.

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