Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Gilbert's Vanity Plates seen in Arizona

Very cool. I think every state should have a Chesterton plate, and the proceeds should go to the ACS.


  1. Every few days I am at a stop light and there's yet another car in front of me has a Pennsylvania licence plate of the form:
    They probably thought those were just three random letters.

    But if I were getting a vanity plate, I would want it to be the title of one of GKC's poems.

    The problem is, not even a "hummer" is wide enough to hold


    Incidentally, at the conference, I heard some of the "Love2Learn" kids say it... I forget which, but they were VERY young. I wish I could say it as well as they can. Hee hee.

    --Dr. Thursday

  2. Ok, let me give it a shot. Here goes... "Plakkopytrixophylisperambulantiobatrix"

    How did I do? ;-)

    Seriously, we should have a contest next summer on saying that title.

  3. I couldn't hear.... uh - hold on - this machine doesn't have audio... (hee hee)

    At first I thought it was a Midwest accent... hee hee. (I have a friend who told me how she tried to learn French, but it always sounded Texan.)

    The whole trick is to work out the syllables. It's not that hard - compared to that place in Wales with all the double-Ls.

    But I have a question: are you COPYING that, or do you know how to SPELL it?

    That can be the other part of the contest. Scrabble games for the winners.

    --Dr. Thursday


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