Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Fun Conference

The Circe Institute sounds like an interesting organization. Especially when I heard about their conference, coming up in July of 2008.
“A Contemplation of Humor” is a gathering of school leaders, teachers, and home educators with a sense of humor (or who need one) who yearn to cultivate wisdom and virtue in their students and children - and in themselves.

Meet attendees from Florida and Michigan to Virginia and California for

∙Three Unforgettable days
∙ A bunch of ludicrous speakers
∙ Twenty-four playful workshops
∙ Twelve provocative colloquies
∙ Three refreshing evenings
∙ One elegant Paideia Prize banquet

All at one astonishing retreat!
Doesn't that sound like fun?


  1. "A bunch of ludicrous speakers"

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Thanks so much for posting the regrettable news about our upcoming conference. I had been warned repeatedly not to let people know about it for fear they would find it amusing, but I overcame their fears and put it on our web site anyway (hidden away in a back corner).

    You can readily see how bravely I lead our organization! I'd be more than honored if you were able to attend. Maybe you could even help me knock over one of those giants that are roaming outside Houston. I think I've got an extra lance and I know Rosinante won't object.

    Blessings on your wonderful work!

    Andrew Kern


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