Wednesday, October 17, 2007


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The Father Brown Reader!

Available for preorders now. Just in time for your children, granchildren, or great-grandchildren for this Christmas (after you get them their Gilbert ornament, of course).

4 Short stories by G. K. Chesterton adapted by Nancy Carpentier Brown

Illustrated by Ted Schluenderfritz

This book features 4 Father Brown mysteries adpated for young readers:

A sapphire cross rescued . . . "The Blue Cross"

A set of silverware recovered . . . . "The Strange Feet"

A trio of diamonds restored . . . . "The Flying Stars"

A magician's puzzle solved . . . . "The Absence of Mr. Glass"

Great for gift giving to your favorite young readers!! (Appropriate for advanced 3rd graders-5th grade. Great for read alouds as well.)
OK people, I'm counting on you helping us make this a Best Seller and show the world how great a mystery writer GKC is. Order your 5 today!!!!


  1. Great ad, Nancy!
    I plan to purchase this. In the meantime, can you correct a typo?
    You have adapted the stories, not adpated them. :-)
    I hope this sells out for you!


  2. +JMJ+

    What great choices of stories to adapt! =D

  3. But I can't find "The Strange Feet" in my Father Brown omnibus. There's a story called "The QUEER Feet," but ... oh.

    Never mind.

  4. Thanks Carol and Enbrethiliel!

  5. Great news!!! I will post it on my blog asap!

  6. Wait...where do we purchase the book Nancy? Do you have a link to the publisher?

  7. Yes, the publisher link is on the title above. Click on it and it will take you to Hillside Education.


  8. +JMJ+


    I recall Nancy bringing that up while she was working on the adaptations. She said something about the word "queer" carrying too many adverse connotations these days--hence the change in the title. (Have I remembered correctly, Nancy?)

    I understand completely. One of my favourite books from childhood, Frances Hogdson Burnett's A Little Princess, uses the description "queer" over and over again to describe the unconventional little heroine . . . and now I find myself wondering what editors have done about that in audio books. =S

  9. Yes, the unfortunate connotations of today's young people to the word "queer"--when in the past it just meant "strange"--is why I changed the title. I didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea about what the story was about or feel funny about that word in the title. It's sad I needed to change it, but I thought it was for the best.

  10. I ordered it. Even if I don't have children yet, I am sure this will be a classic.

    Nancy, are you going to plan any appearances in the future to promote the book?

  11. Thanks for your order!

    I am appearing a week from today (10/30/07) in Springfield, IL and will sign the first copies (hot off the presses!) there.

    I'd be happy to go anywhere anyone invites me (e-mail me for the details about travel & etc.) I'd love to talk about Father Brown and Chesterton--my favorite subject!

  12. I received the book and it is BEAUTIFUL! What excellent drawings and a wonderful read! I haven't finished it yet but I think kids are going to love it!

    I plugged it on my site Nancy, and wish you great success with this!


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