Monday, September 24, 2007

Write a letter!

Address your letter thus:
Rt. Rev. Peter Doyle
Bishop's House
Marriott St.
Northampton NN2 6AW

My Lord Bishop,
and then state all of the many reasons you can think of why the cause of Gilbert and Frances Chesterton should move forward.



  1. Chesterton's cause will not be opened, much less proceed, without a solid, grass-roots effort by people like us to swamp Bishop Doyle with letters. Everyone sit down and write a letter.

    And more important than that: prayers and mortification. Or as St. Josemaria Escriva used to say, "In the first place, prayer. In the second place, expiation. And third -- and very much third -- action."

  2. I sent my letter today! Should I send another one in a month or so?

  3. Seems to me Chesterton, though a wonderful man, was not an example of heroic virtue. I wish we were pushing to have him named a Doctor of the Church instead.

  4. Chris: yes!

    Gramps: doesn't sainthood come before one can be declared a doctor of the church? And why would't he be an example of heroic virtue?

  5. "He was no saint."
    Dorothy Collins.

    ~ Gramps

  6. Maybe she's just the devil's advocate. ;-)


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