Saturday, September 29, 2007

St. Louis Chums with Chesterton and Bums with Belloc

Ohh. I see a Dawn Eden headline there. ;-)
Those St. Louis Chestertonians are so lucky. Yes, I'm jealous.

UPDATE: Pictures of the chums and bums here.


  1. Two weekends in a row of world-class entertainment AND education. You're not alone in your jealousy, Nancy. I'd love to have been at "The Surprise", and even moreso "Chums with Chesterton and Bums with Belloc".


  2. It was indeed a fantastic performance and I will review it on my own blog as soon as I can -- hopefully tomorrow. We closed down the bar afterward, on the patio, under a beautiful, star-lit sky, with smoke billowing into the air from Dale's pipe and my cigarettes. The St. Louis Chestertonians were first rate and the house was nearly packed.

    At one point, when Dale asked how many there had seen the Surprise the previous weekend, nearly every hand went up.


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