Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chesterton Named Official Patron Saint of "Writing for Money" Blog!

Yes, and not without some help from this quarter and others who attend to this blog, thank you.

I've sent links and a short bio, which will be up shortly. If you are a writer or an aspiring writer, go check out Writing for Money.


  1. Hello Nancy,

    Thank you for the post on John Clausen and his Writing for Money website. I have responded to the offer of a guest account and intend to tag along and see how it goes, and what i can learn... Thanks again and keep up the good work... richard

  2. Here's a draft for a prayer:

    Almighty God, author of all good, who takes such trouble with your minor characters:

    Help us who write to be more like your servant,
    G. K. Chesterton, who was
    universal in his essays,
    clever in his mysteries,
    realistic in his fantasies,
    wise in his philosophy,
    steadfast in his romance,
    respectful to his enemies,
    and thoughtful in all he wrote.

    May we, like GKC, always write with reverence for the common man, made in the image of the Everlasting Man.

  3. What a beautiful prayer, Anon. Thank you.

  4. AMEN, Nancy.

    And my thanks to you also, Anon.

    Your thoughts/words may be a draft for a prayer, even a poetic one, but it is already rich
    in "common 'spiritual' sense."

    Indeed, more of a "spiritual diamond" than a diamond in the rough(imho). richard


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