Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Did this book ever get published?

Perhaps with a different title? This is new to me, yet the date is 2001.


  1. I seem to remember a story by that title in the CW. I can't remember where, maybe in short stories and fragments?

    There is an
    entry for it on Amazon, but all copies are sold out. I guess that means it's published.

  2. I have no idea if it was ever a book, or in a paper, or in a magazine, but it is presently in CW14.

    Given the VAST quantity of material GKC wrote, there is occasionally this failure of Chestertonians to be aware of these so-called suddenly-discovered "previously unpublished" things which are presently in print.

    Generally speaking (yes, that's a GKC book) one can always ask the Quotemeister in cases of doubt...

  3. Yes, the book was published both in hardcover and paperback. It was completed after having been included as near-complete in the Collected works. Ask Conlon for copies.


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