Monday, July 30, 2007

The Return of the Angels

There is a reprint of an article in the latest Gilbert magazine which hasn't been seen for 104 years, from the Daily News, March 14, 1903. Unless you happen to have an old copy of the Daily News, of course.

I loved it, and thought what an amazing time it must have been to be able to read Gilbert regularly in print, writing stuff like this 104 years ago! Such logic and clear thinking! It explains his whole conversion to the faith, even though he wouldn't officially convert until 1922. Still, this shows his acceptance of Christianity as true in 1903. He also discusses the faith of religion and the faith of scientism, evolution, rationalism and reason. You could have a whole High school level course just on this one essay.

And that's one of the things I love about Chesterton. If you haven't yet, hurry and get your membership with subscription (ask to start with June/July 2007 so you can read this Daily News article, worth the price in my mind) before the rates go up, which, I warn you as one who knows, it is going to soon.


  1. Q: I think that my ACS membership is due soon, but I have not received any notice from the ACS. I did receive my latest issue of Gilbert, though (it actually came pretty quickly this time around). Just wanted to know what the course of action is as I surely don't want my membership to expire.


  2. There is a lack of follow up on subscription renewals, I realize. I will ask them to send out renewal cards asap!

  3. I had to leave the ACS fold for financial reasons for 2 years -

    My wife joined me up again as an anniversary gift.

    I didn't realize how much "fresh air" _Gilbert_ brought into my life.

    I thank her every time I pick up the Mag.

  4. I've been stalling about joining the ACS for over three years now, and I just made the plunge. Here's looking forward to Gilbert (my very own, not a borrowed copy) and a sense of insider-ship at last! Thanks for the tip on the soon-to-be raised prices.

  5. near the bottom of the rail on the right hand side of this blog is an e-mail link to GM's subscription service.

    I'll ask Dale to let them know that people aren't getting their renewal notices.

  6. Chestertonian,
    I've just fixed things with them, and they are about to send out renewals now.

    You should get your in the mail shortly.

    Glad to have you on board, thanks to your wife, tjp, and John, welcome to GKC fandom.

  7. I got the renewal notice in the mail yesterday, and I mailed the check today! :-D

    I wrote the check out to "Gilbert Magazine/ACS", as there was nothing to designate to whom to address the check.

    P.S. Another pleasant surprise in the mail yesterday.... a fresh, new copy of ENVOY Magazine was greeting me at my mailbox. Patrick Madrid has apparently been able to get his fledgling mag back up off the ground. Looks good, too!


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