Monday, July 09, 2007

The Glow of the Conference

Well, the glow of the conference is wearing off for me, how about you? I was thinking, "What one thing did I take from the Chesterton conference this year?"

I think it is this: there are many roads which lead to Chesterton, and it is fascinating to hear about the different journeys.

I asked Dale if I could tell my tale at the banquet, and he said No, the banquet was supposed to be fun, silly, jokes and such, and my tale was a nightmare. But perhaps someday, you'll hear it and not think so. I think it is very funny.

So, what one thing did you take from the Chesterton Conference?

Does anyone besides me want to call the Chesterton Conference in 08 "ChesterFest"?


  1. Well, after I got home I added a few books to the list of books I read this year, and felt as if I had read another and I couldn't think of it, then I figured out, it was because I learned so much at the ChesterCon. I'd have to say, meeting Dr. Thursday was a highlite (Dale too) but really I don't think I can narrow it down enough to pick just one thing.

  2. A nightmare -- and very funny?

    Sounds like THE MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY ...

  3. I met FIVE Chestertonians who happen to be seminarians - yes, that's right - Chestertonians who are working to become priests.

    This is wonderful, and very reassuring - but it also reminded me of the need for prayer, both for these, but also for recent converts like Dawn Eden and for those who converted in their godparents' arms.

    How important it is that we pray for each other: Maurice Baring revealed that many people had been praying for GKC's conversion. [Ward, GKC, 475] And conversion is not just the event of a day: we must enact it daily, and so must pray for each other, especially for those who we consider our Chestertonian family: "'It is only in God that we love one another,' Gilbert once wrote..." [Ward, Return To Chesterton 93] Oh, yes - we need His help so much!

    By that means, then, we shall attain the complete perfection of joy (in the Inn at the End of the World) of which a ChesterCon is but a weak foretaste.

    --Dr. Thursday

  4. The one thing? The camaraderie.

  5. Good question, Nancy.

    As I'm sure most of the participants will say, it is quite difficult to select just one highlight of the conference that shines brighter than the others. But I guess I'll go with the fine performances of the young men (and, not forgetting the poetry recital, the young woman) who were among the conference presenters.

    The substantial involvement of youth, as audience members and increasingly now as presenters is, I believe, one of the most significant successes of the conference. My commendations to the Ahlquists and team for that.

    I'm particularly keen, by the way, on Chris Chan's work and hope the ACS keeps him on a front burner.


  6. Chris is in Gilbert each issue...keep up with him there, or here, he's a frequent contributor, and this was the second time we were graced with his presence at the conference for a speech. I think we'll be hearing more from Chris in the future ;-)

  7. I'm particularly keen, by the way, on Chris Chan's work and hope the ACS keeps him on a front burner.

    We don't have any plans to fire Chris from the magazine any time soon.

    For the record, I prefer "ChestertFest" to "Chestercon."


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