Thursday, July 26, 2007


This Gilbert is the Summer Movie Edition. The editorial is about "The Trouble with Hollywood" and mentions three movies, Sunrise, The Crowd and Street Angel as among the greatest films ever made.

I've never heard of any of them, nor seen them. Anyone else? I may have to take a trip to Blockbuster.


  1. Just checked, my library doesn't have any of the three titles.

  2. Netflix has them all.

    Sunrise. (1927) Director F.W. Murnau's emotional odyssey stars George O'Brien and Janet Gaynor as a country couple whose marriage is threatened when O'Brien falls prey to cosmopolitan temptress Margaret Livingston's feminine wiles. Imbued with an intoxicating ambiance in style and substance, the lyrical silent film -- which is, by turns, quixotic, blissful, sensual and terrifying -- chalked up Academy Awards for Best Actress (Gaynor) and Best Cinematography.

    The Crowd (1928) Acclaimed director King Vidor won an Oscar nomination for directing this silent classic, which highlights the plight of working men and women in urban America. Born on July 4, 1900, John Sims (James Murray) always believed he was destined for greatness. But as his life unfolds, he faces mind-numbing work, difficult relationships, death and his own very ordinary life. Time magazine named this film one of its "All-Time 100 Movies."

    Street Angel (1928) Janet Gaynor scored a Best Actress Oscar for her superb performance as an impoverished gamine named Angela who must choose between selling her virtue and letting her ailing mother go without medicine. On the run from a prostitution charge, Angela meets struggling young artist Gino (Charles Farrell), and they fall in love. But their joy evaporates when police arrest and imprison Angela, plunging the disconsolate Gino into a downward spiral.


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