Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I hope you are having lots of American food this 4th of July, to which I wish you a happy and safe holiday, including, but not limited to, cheese.

Speaking of cheese, --and how smoothly she throws that into this sentence, eh?--for those of you enamored with the poetry of our young man Rob at the closing banquet at the Chesterton Conference, a poem devoted to tales of cheese, and hoping to see or read that poem again, I have good news.

A member of our Society has been in direct contact with Rob and has ordered him to send his poem in for publication, which Gilbert magazine will directly publish. If you do not have a membership, which includes a subscription, now is the time for all good men (inclusive) to come to the aid of their Chesterton Society. Join. Read. Eat cheese. Thank you.


  1. Yes - Rob's ballade was great!

    Some time ago I posted my own attempt in this regard. At this rate we'll soon have a fine selection of cheese to satisfy any appetite!

    Also, if someday we hold ChesterCon in Wisconsin perhaps we can make some dairy connections, hee hee.

    --Dr. Thursday

  2. I'll have to check with the Dairy State's poetry society. THEY should be alerted to GKC's note on the dearth of cheese-related poetry.

    But I will wait until Rob's tribute to Belloc and Cheese is published. We need to set the bar... We don't want anyone thinking that he can get by with "There once was a young man from Limburgh...."

  3. In the meantime, for us who feel entitled to instant gratification, can you post the poem on the blog?

  4. But Del, a stinky cheese deserves a stinky poem.

    Besides, limericks count as poems, and in fact would make good cheesy snacks...

    Also: you started it. Now please finish it. Or someone else will...

    One more thing: I second Del's request that it be posted. (In fact, I asked that of Rob at the Conference.) Perhaps he wants it in print first. In which case we'll have to write more ourselves....

  5. Ah, the despair! Do you have any idea how many words there are that don't rhyme with "Limburgh"?

    In the meantime, here is a humorous contribution to that growing opus of "Poetry of Cheese" from Wisconsin.

  6. I am so ashamed :( -- Here goes:

    There once was a young man from Limburg,
    Whose profession was wine-stomping the skim curd.
    He said, "This is sweet!
    "My feet smell like feet,
    "Strongly enough to knock down the great Hindenburg!"

  7. "Eat cheese. Thank you."

    I do. Thank you too.


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