Thursday, June 14, 2007

This report in from Dr. Thursday...

Once again I am on the campus of the University of St. Thomas - on a Thursday, in the Year Who Was Thursday - just before the beginning of ChesterCon07.

Geir Hasnes is here, typing away on another terminal.

Aidan Mackey is here - he was looking for a cup of tea.

Joseph Pearce is on campus; I understand he is giving a talk to another organisation.

Luke Seaber is here; he had just finished checking his own e-mail.

Dale and the Ahlquists (G.K.'s back-up band) will be here shortly to set up and begin the excitement.

It is rather warm, but the sky is blue, and in the distance I can hear a street organ playing. (Well, if it isn't, there should be.) It gives an excitement which is not like any other....
For those of us not there....don't you wish you were there?

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  1. Dr. Thursday,
    I would give nearly ANYTHING to be there, but the timing was all wrong this year with end of the school year obligations as well as professional and church obligations. I know it's going to be a glorious time for all... and please, tell Dale that Carol says hi and look out Twin Cities, because I'll be there next year OR ELSE.

    Thanks for your updates-- they will be devoured by all of us who are fighting off envy in earnest.



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